Passport Tips On Travel From Voyager Travel Club

One of the most important aspects to planning your vacation abroad is your passport. Both leaving the US and arriving back in the country requires a passport and as such, it can be a large problem if your passport is lost or stolen when traveling. Voyager Travel Club would like to offer you some tips on what you should do if your passport turns up missing while you are traveling abroad. Learn the advice on travel you need to ensure you travel safer and smarter with Voyager Travel Club.

Steps To Follow In Case Your Passport Is Lost Or Stolen Abroad

It may not ever happen to you, in fact, millions of travelers travel abroad each year and have no problems, but as an advised traveler, you can not ever be too prepared. Voyager Travel Club understands this and as such, would like to offer you advice to help you. Follow these guidelines for what to do in case this happens to you.

First, remember to stay calm. You need to remember what to do and where to go to ensure you can get your passport replaced in a timely manner.

Contact the nearest US Embassy or Consulate for assistance. If you are unfamiliar with these numbers, you can find them on the Country Specific Information page on

Complete a new passport application. It is important that you have proof as well as to your citizenship to ensure that the officer assisting you can verify this information.

Provide the official with the information needed to complete your new application. This requires:

date of birth
place of birth
passport number (if available)
date and place your original was issued

Note: This is much easier if you can provide the officer a copy of your passport id page. Therefore, it is always a good idea to make a copy of this page and keep it with you in case of situations such as this.

Fill out a lost or stolen passport and police report

Proof of identification is also needed. Be sure to bring your identification with you.

Be sure you have money with you. Your replacement passport will cost you the same amount as your original. You may have assistance if necessary, the officer can help you contact someone you know to help you.

The process should be painless and you should be traveling again in no time. Just remember to stay calm and do what you need to in order to help in any way possible. If you need more information on this or other passport information, visit for more information.

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Tips On Travel At The Airport From Voyager Travel Club

Travel is up this year and airports are seeing more travelers than they have seen in years. Add in the fact that airport security measures are at an all time high and you have the makings of a very lengthy trip to the airport, that is, if you are not prepared. Voyager Travel Club would like to help you shorten your time at the airport and help your vacation go a bit more smoothly. Enjoy the tips on travel to help you make your trip to the airport be less stressful from your friends at Voyager Travel Club.

Packing Tips From Voyager Travel Club

How you pack can have a huge impact on if your trip through security is quick and easy or not. Below are a few things you should keep in mind when packing your bags for the airport.

1.Pack in layers – Doing this will ensure that the scanners can see all the way thorough your bag and that there will be no questions about what you have packed.
2.Make sure you know what you can and can not bring – Restrictions on what is and is not allowed in your luggage can be tricky. Make sure you know what you can and can not bring to help speed up your trip through security.
3.If you must lock your checked baggage, use a TSA approved lock – The reason for this is not speed but is annoyance if you do not follow the rules. If your checked bag sets off an alarm and you have a lock that TSA can not remove, it will be cut and will have to be replaced at your expense.
4.Packing your laptop – If you decide to bring your laptop, you can speed up your time through the check in process by doing one of two things. One, have it in a checkpoint friendly bag or two, make sure you have removed it from the bag before you put it on the belt.

Voyager Travel Club Encourages You To Look The Part – How To Dress For The Airport

What you wear can influence how your airport visit goes as well when you travel. There are a few easy ways that you can prepare for travel by dressing the part when you go. Below are some tips that Voyager Travel Club thinks will help you speed up your trip to the airport on your vacation.

1.Do Not wear layers of clothing – If you are wearing a coat or jacket, be prepared by taking it off ahead of time.
2.Wear shoes that you can slip on and off – You are required to remove your shoes. Slip-ons will make it easier to remove your shoes and put them back on when you are standing in line.
3.Do not wear a lot of jewelry – Metal will set off the detector. Take off your jewelry to ensure you don’t have to hold up the line.
4.Empty your pockets – Change, pocket watches, clips and anything metal will set off the alarms. Save time by emptying your pockets when you get to the line.

Other Ways To Prepare For The Airport From Voyager Travel Club

Of course there are a number of easy ways you can speed up the check in process that we have not mentioned. Two things we would like to add are passports and paperwork. Be sure that you have all the necessary paperwork including identification and passport if traveling outside of the U.S. to ensure a smooth trip through the airport. In addition, keep your ticket and boarding pass in hand or easily accessible when you check in to save time. Voyager Travel Club hopes you have a great trip to the airport. Help make more of your vacation experience by following these and other tips on traveling more efficiently with Voyager Travel Club and enjoy all your vacations.